Clues will be released daily so make sure you come back to check for the next clue.

Hunt day will be April 29th where you will need to be one of the first 10 people to acquire a golden ticket, to get a ticket, you must ask people "Will you marry me?"  in the location you believe the ring is hidden. If you find the correct person you will be handed a golden ticket with instructions. The first 10 people will then hunt for the ring. Good luck and happy hunting! 

Go over or through me,
I'm part of the answer.
My roots extend far beyond
what you may know.
I am a
meeting point.
I can see the past,
but also the beginning.

Go up and over to
be separated

Over 80 years 
my use has changed.

A place of joy during
a great depression.

Glitter by sun,
dust by wind.
Some can cross by border
others can not.

Twice a day, like clockwork,
I make my move.

If you wonder where I may B,
it'll help to look by the C.